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Hi! We’re Jan and Aina, and in 2015
we were exactly where you are now!

Our proven process has helped us secure permanent residency for dozens of our clients in countries like Canada and New Zealand.

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Hi! We’re

Jan and Aina,

and in 2015 we were exactly
where you are now!

We had worked hard and saved money, and we had dreams of starting a family in a new country that would give us the security, opportunities, and wealth we desired. We thought we’d found the perfect place to live. And we thought  we had found the right  immigration advisor to help us.

We were wrong. It was a mistake that cost us Php 500,000! We hit rock bottom and felt like we had missed out on our “one” chance.

But again… we were wrong.

This Php 500,000 mistake helped us uncover the proven process that has helped us secure permanent residency for dozens of our clients in countries like Canada and New Zealand.

You Need

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That Work with Immigration Consultants to Secure
Student Permit for Your Unique Situation.

We do not guarantee you miracle cures or instant success. Emigrating to a new country and gaining student permit as a stepping stone to obtain permanent residency requires hard work.

What we promise is to be by your family’s side each step of the way, not just preparing for your new life… but long after you land and settle in. Remember, we’ve been through this process ourselves. We know how exciting yet terrifying it is and how lonely it can feel when you find yourself thousands of miles
from home.

That’s why we have immigration consultants like no other. We not only have a PROVEN 3-Step Process that we’ll tailor around your unique situation but we know what it feels like to be in your shoes. If you have a dream like we did to start a new life in an exciting and vibrant country… we can help.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of People started their

Imigration & fulfill
their dreams

Since I am still on the initial stages of my application, I know I still have to go through different processes. So far, they were able to manage expectations and estimated timelines. Also, I'd like to commend Ms. Marjorie for responding to me in a timely manner and for the patience as I have many questions. And I expect more of the same throughout the entire process. Because of this, I feel secure in my application and am truly looking forward to achieving the student visa. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Gracey, thank you for the follow up. 🙂

Krista Nikki

Quality service 💯👌🏻
Security wise

Abi Gail

You will really feel in them that they won't let you down. Thank you Secure Visa. God bless and keep safe!

Elma Magsino Mendoza

Quality of service and hands on guidance

Tinee Rodrigo

The clarity call was very clear, understandable and enlightening. We're so glad to start our future plans with Secure Visa. May Pag-asa sa Secure Visa!

Jesus Jay Vinluan

Their professionalism and commitment are impressive, they also make sure that they hear your concerns.

Allan De Guzman Santos

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kristi Montañez Bañas

Best Valued Consulting Service!

Kay Montañez-Bañas

I will definitely and absolutely highly recommend Secure Visa Consultancy. This is really the Right Advice for the aspiring students who wants to study and work in Canada

Sherine Marianne Gomez Ignacio

secure visa consultancy is highly recommended to those who wants to study at NZ or Canada, why? because it's legit, very informative sila, updated, friendly, and all staff behind this consultancy maasahan at maasikasuhin it.👍🙏

Joan Anniban

Their service is customized to the needs of every client, they go beyond assisting you with relative documentations. It includes timely updates on the progress of your journey to NZ not to mention the extended services they offer the moment you arrive to NZ.

Grace Pantisma

Yes! I definitely recommend secure visa for their professionalism. They are helpful.😊😊

Angelica Rimas

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We’ve already helped dozens of families gain permanent residency in countries like Canada and New Zealand. We can help your family do the same!

We work with expert partners to tailor our proven process around you and your family’s needs. And we stay by your side each step of the way — including after you arrive and build your new life.

If you’d like to work with an immigration consultant that cares about your future, attend our presentation to discover your next steps.

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We empower our students by making them part of the process to choose eligible programs that are more than 1,000++ affiliated-partner institutions with renowned programs of over 25,000 in the field of Business, Technology, Engineering, Sciences, Healthcare, Constructions across degrees and levels for New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

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