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Aina & Jan Sacdalan

Founder, CEO

Aina and Jan are the founders of Secure Visa Consultancy. They were once migrants that took the study pathway in New Zealand, and successfully obtained their permanent resident visas. It was not a smooth journey and they also met a lot of migrants who experienced the same challenges before achieving their goal. Hence, they have created Secure Visa. To provide the best solutions, give a seamless process, and eliminate the obstacles for aspiring migrants.

Jaycee Magbanua

General Manager

Jaycee is taking charge of the overall operations of the business which continues to lead the company towards global competitiveness. He has the acumen to check the current process and understand the possibilities and constraints leading to Recognizing the right information to build solutions for business needs.

With his agility and collaborations with the entire clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders, the culture of the entire company has evolved to a climate of change completing the transition of 360 degrees — towards competency, efficiency, and value work service in a truly human environment.

His strategic business management competencies rotate the company into a high-level organization that effectively negotiates, and implements decisions and actions that support strategic alignment and innovation — creating a 100% customer experience both in delivery and service excellence.

Em Eballa

Digital Programme Administrator
Operations Lead Manager

Get all the smiles from Em

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Em’s passion for helping people around her is a gift on its own. She loves being a resource to ease the journey where possible. Working in the immigration industry for years has developed her resiliency. This made her strong as a person and in her career.

Angela “AC” Narido

Education Specialist

As one of the pillars of the Sales Team in Secure Visa, she has a calm way of adapting to sudden changes which is a great fit for our fun, sometimes crazy, yet hard-working company culture. She is a good team player, detail-oriented, and proficient at maintaining professional relationships. AC has a passion for helping clients gain the clarity and direction needed to jumpstart their journey to the country of their dreams.

Jesiel Sabanal

Lead Education Specialist

With years of Sales and Customer Service Experience, Jes believes in  quality over quantity, thus going for the extra mile to serve clients. She knows that the key to winning a client’s trust is when you have that ability to relate  and understand each of their needs which equate to a great customer experience.

Kristine Bernadette Matias

Education Specialist

Having worked in the fast-paced, high-pressure world of Sales for 6 years, Kristine has brought her capacity for achieving the company’s goals and contributing to change as she does her role being an Education Specialist.

Her exceptional skills in relating to people and giving realistic solutions allow our clients to receive good service and personalized experience which leads to even greater results. She expertly uncovers the fears and roadblocks that high-achieving women face, using proper methods in guiding the students toward their dream.

She is a game-changer because once she believes she can, she surely can!

Neth Cordero

Senior Lead Specialist - New Zealand Subject Matter Expert

Subject-Matter-Expert working with the team to deliver quality recommendations on school and programs in New Zealand. Being knowledgeable about the business, Neth is always ensuring the needs of our clients and involves contacting them to identify their needs and facilitate the process to meet the requirements. Her significant years of experience here in the Philippines and abroad leads her to help both clients and team members to have a clearer vision and goals in life.

Marjorie De Vega

Documentation Specialist

Being natural meticulous and detail-oriented, Joy makes it an efficient and effective specialist.  For her, being young means being flexible and adaptive. In the ever-changing world of customer service, she always makes sure to learn up-to-date things to provide a quality experience to her clients. Her willingness on going the extra mile for them only shows commitment and dedication.

Francis Joshua Niedo

Documentation Specialist

Having a Customer Care Service background, Francis is able to provide services with utmost diligence. Being the youngest on the team, he is full of enthusiasm and energy. He is eager to continuously learn new knowledge to be able to provide the Best Customer Service Experience. Francis works well with his colleagues and is committed to providing services for the best

Klarissa Joy Torreliza

Lead Documentation Specialist

Joy’s work experience in HR Admin built a strong foundation in gaining the skills required to create good customer service. Her professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude are one of her guidelines in life in creating a good and peaceful environment at work.

She loves to learn. The subject matter that interests her most will be determined by her other themes and experiences but whatever the subject, she will always be drawn to the process of learning. Her ability to adapt, harmonize, connect, learn, and bring positivity is one of her greatest strengths that build her character in the industry.

Christine Ronquillo

Canada Subject Matter Expert - Specialist

Christine’s work experience in HR and Recruitment built a strong foundation in gaining the skills required to create good Customer Service and collaborative Client Management. She is responsible, detailed oriented, and deliberative in her tasks to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Her passion to learn and master her role enables her to be creative, and strategic and share her input to provide solutions whenever necessary.

Kirby Lubi

Lead Documentation Specialist

Kirby is a customer service-oriented and dedicated specialist for always provides quality service to clients. His eagerness to learn new things and consistency make him more passionate at work. He is part of the Documentations team handling both New Zealand and Canada, continuously providing the best quality service to respective clients.

Ana Kristell Faustino

Client Care Specialist &
Canada School Coordinator

Kristell is a hard-working and detail-oriented person. She graduated from Colegio de San Juan de Letran with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality management. As part of the Secure Visa family, she will make you feel welcomed and secure with your dreams and goals for your family. 

With experience in the people industry, she uses the skills and knowledge she has acquired over the years to give our clients the best service she can.

Emi Ando

School Coordinator & CAP Specialist

She has been working in the customer service industry for 7 years. She is detail-oriented and has a positive mindset. She was born and raised in Japan. She believes that Japan, New Zealand, and Canada are two of the safest places to live.

Anna Brillon

Canada Based - SME Study Plan

Anna sees herself as a caffeine-powered nerd who’s always ready to learn something new. She has a Biology degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman and a postgrad diploma in Business Management from Lambton College in Toronto. Living in Canada with her husband and kids, she feels truly blessed for the opportunity to make her dreams a reality — and she hopes to do the same for others. 

At Secure Visa, Anna makes use of her decades-long experience in corporate communications to assist soon-to-be international students with their applications. With a keen eye for detail and can-do attitude, she can be counted on to get the job done.

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