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even if you don’t have a job offer or are not a highly skilled professional!

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Okay…so you have a dream to emigrate to a new country
and give your family the opportunities you never had
growing up…

You think Canada might be the country for you
BUT you already feel overwhelmed
(and you haven’t even started)!

Don’t worry. Not long ago, we were in your shoes. We had a dream, but we had no idea
how to achieve it. Emigrating seemed complex and expensive, and gaining permanent
residency in a beautiful country like Canada felt impossible.

Yet here we are… full residents in a new land.

The exciting part is that we’ve helped dozens of other families do the same, guiding
them through our proven process and working with expert immigration advisors
experienced in Canadian entry laws, residency rules, and so much more.

We know the steps you need to take, how to take them, and when you should. We don’t
promise miracles, and we don’t pretend that moving to a new country is easy. But with
our proven process, we can make the whole journey easier and more affordable for you.

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We’ve Helped Hundreds of People started their

migration & fulfill
their dreams

Since I am still on the initial stages of my application, I know I still have to go through different processes. So far, they were able to manage expectations and estimated timelines. Also, I'd like to commend Ms. Marjorie for responding to me in a timely manner and for the patience as I have many questions. And I expect more of the same throughout the entire process. Because of this, I feel secure in my application and am truly looking forward to achieving the student visa. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Gracey, thank you for the follow up. 🙂

Krista Nikki

Quality service 💯👌🏻
Security wise

Abi Gail

You will really feel in them that they won't let you down. Thank you Secure Visa. God bless and keep safe!

Elma Magsino Mendoza

Quality of service and hands on guidance

Tinee Rodrigo

The clarity call was very clear, understandable and enlightening. We're so glad to start our future plans with Secure Visa. May Pag-asa sa Secure Visa!

Jesus Jay Vinluan

Their professionalism and commitment are impressive, they also make sure that they hear your concerns.

Allan De Guzman Santos

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Kristi Montañez Bañas

Best Valued Consulting Service!

Kay Montañez-Bañas

I will definitely and absolutely highly recommend Secure Visa Consultancy. This is really the Right Advice for the aspiring students who wants to study and work in Canada

Sherine Marianne Gomez Ignacio

secure visa consultancy is highly recommended to those who wants to study at NZ or Canada, why? because it's legit, very informative sila, updated, friendly, and all staff behind this consultancy maasahan at maasikasuhin sila..love it.👍🙏

Joan Anniban

Their service is customized to the needs of every client, they go beyond assisting you with relative documentations. It includes timely updates on the progress of your journey to NZ not to mention the extended services they offer the moment you arrive to NZ.

Grace Pantisma

Yes! I definitely recommend secure visa for their professionalism. They are helpful.😊😊

Angelica Rimas

We’ve Helped Dozens of Families

Gain Immigration and Citizenship

You have a unique situation, and you NEED an immigration consultant
that knows how to help you and
your family!

Our promise is to be by your family’s side along each step of the

We Remain By Your Side
At All Times!

Remember, we’ve been through this process. We know how exciting it is but also
how overwhelming it can get (not to mention the fear of being so far away from the rest of your family).

When you work with us, you become part of our family.
We then work with your family to help achieve your dream life.

Thank you for being passionate about answering all my questions about student program pathway especially to Ma'am Kristine and Ma'am Joy.

You have been consistent in reminding me about the status of my application. Everything went smoothly. I highly recommend Secure Visa to my friends and my colleagues. Kudos to your team. Thank you Secure Visa for providing and excellent service to achieve my Canada dream through study program pathway. Living overseas and communication online can be pressure at times but you've made it possible. Ma'am Aina's journey was really inspiring that made me decide about my future. Thank you very much. I want to take this opportunity to express my enormous thanks and appreciation for Secure Visa for being with me in this journey. It will not be possible without your professional guidance. Your service was excellent and indeed hassle-free. More power to your team. God bless!
Joanna, Registered Nurse from the Philippines

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Unlike many immigration consultants, we don’t charge you a fee just to speak to us. We work with you
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Whether you already have a family, have plans for one in the future, or
are single and looking to start a new adventure…our proven process
can help you migrate to Canada.

Even if you don’t have a job! 
Even if you don’t have a job offer or anything in the pipeline! 
Even if you aren’t a highly skilled professional (like an engineer, a nurse,
or in IT)!

We’ve helped dozens of families like yours and hundreds of people in
your shoes build a new life in an exciting country with endless
opportunities. If you would like to learn how we can help or more
about the people we have helped already, attend our webinar now.

To be really honest, you had me just by watching the 60-minute video.

Then the clarity call session with Ms. Kristine is what finally made me decide to avail your services. She was accommodating, friendly and thorough in discussing all the details and answering all my concerns. What I like most about the services is the post arrival and extended settlement support. I'm sure being in a new country and starting over would be overwhelming, but with that service, I know that I would be really secured with your team. Truly, a very fitting name for your company. Looking forward to working with you. I am excited about what the future holds. I know that I'm in good hands with your team. I will recommend your services to other, that's for sure!
Marianne, Audit Analyst from the Philippines

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