GRADUATE AND CHILL NGA BA? What’s next for this former international student in Canada?




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GRADUATE AND CHILL NGA BA? What’s next for this former international student in Canada?

Join us on our 10th episode as we welcome Kath Dee’s migration story from the Philippines to Canada! 🤩

– Kath worked as an Account Executive for Events back in the Philippines

– She arrived in Canada in 2019 to study and recently graduated from Conestoga College

– She is such an inspiration to aspiring migrants as she shares her day-to-day life and tips on how to live as a student in Canada!

– Currently, Kath is working on her PERMANENT RESIDENCY thru the CANADIAN EXPERIENCE CLASS program, amazing!!!

Kath has this huge fire in her as she is close to achieving her PERMANENT RESIDENCY! We are telling you, she is like this big ball of cotton candy, filled with happiness and cheer! Get to know her more soon! WATCH OUR for another EPIC EPISODE brought to you by the Secure Visa team! 💪🏼

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