Permanent Resident in Singapore, Now Studying in Canada! Meet Lara!




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Permanent Resident in Singapore, Now Studying in Canada! Meet Lara!


Join us for this very unique episode! Why? Our guest is already a permanent resident in Singapore! But why did she take the study pathway in Canada? Let’s all learn from Lara! 😊

Who is Lara? 🤔
✔She finished her studies in the Philippines and moved to Singapore where her parents are permanent residents
✔She arrived in Canada last Aug. 2021
✔She’s currently studying at Centennial College, taking up Human Resource Management
✔Lara wants to upskill when it comes to Human Resources, this is why she chose to study in Canada and eventually plans to look for the best opportunity for her

Lara is just one of the many Filipinos who realized that they can do better, that they deserve better. ❤ She will be joined by our host, Em, in discovering the difference between being a permanent resident in Singapore and in Canada.

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