The Perfect Time To Migrate – In Your Late 20s? Too Young or Too Old?




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The Perfect Time To Migrate – In Your Late 20s? Too Young or Too Old?

Join us on our 12th episode as we welcome Cham’s migration story from the Philippines to Canada! And TAKE NOTE ☝🏼 – MIGRATION GOALS DURING THE PANDEMIC ha! 😲

Kilalanin si Cham! 😊
✅Cham worked as a Tax Accountant back in the Philippines for an international company
✅She arrived in Canada this 2021 DURING THE PANDEMIC to study
✅She is the perfect inspiration for those who want to push through with their dreams despite the world’s current situation
✅Currently, Cham is studying at Centennial College, Ontario taking up Strategic Management in Accounting

✨Cham is determined to finish her studies by 2022 and get her PERMANENT RESIDENCY! Don’t miss this episode as you will LEARN A LOT from her with our host – Aina. Believe us, you’re in for another EPIC EPISODE brought to you by the Secure Visa team!✨

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